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Why Benchmark?

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Unparalleled Information

For most types of health care facilities regarding project performance, programming, and use of best practices.

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Zero Cost

The government agencies funding this program have the objective of improving health care in the U.S. As a result, participation is available to any health care organizations at no direct cost. The system is designed to engage those organizations interested in benchmarking their health care facility projects.

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Continuous Improvement

Access to quantitative project information helps answer the following questions:

    1. What are the hallmarks of a successful project?
    2. How does my project performance compare to that of industry leaders?
    3. What are the most critical areas to address in order to improve my future projects?

A non-profit, the University of Texas Austin’s research institute’s (CII’s) Benchmarking and Metrics Program. CII’s program is both mature and user-friendly. CII’s Benchmarking Program has been helping to improve capital project performance since 1995 in industries such as petrochemical and pharmaceutical.

If you are not keeping score you are just practicing.

  • Comprehensive industry analysis and trend information, contained in the Benchmarking Summary Report, 2011-2013.
  • Access to non-biased, credible, up to date industry information through external benchmarking data to help speed up the decision making process
  • A scorecard to access internal strengths and weaknesses against the rest of the industry for continuous improvement
  • Benchmark both on a project and program level