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Our Process

Benchmarking has three basic steps. The first step is the completion of an online health care facilities questionnaire for completed or in-progress projects. The second step is the receipt and validation of data submitted to CII’s database. Once the data has been validated, the third step involves generating the comparisons of specific performance data, either through online data mining, or project-specific “key reports”.

Questionanaire > Database > Data Mining and Reporting Engine
Benchmarking is more than industry statistics. The presentation of metrics which do not reflect or account for adjustments of scope, time, or location are of little value. The number of health care specific metrics developed for CII’s Health Care Facilities Benchmarking Program approaches 200. However, the online questionnaire does not survey metrics. Instead, it asks well-defined questions with standard definitions of various aspects of health care capital projects. As a result, the participants will have access to many benchmarking tools – allowing them to access aggregated project performance data for any specific metric of interest.

How are Data collected?

Performance Assessment System is a web based application for collecting project data from participating organizations.

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How Does Your Project Measure Up?

Project Specific Key Reports, which give each participating company a look at their projects in relation to the industry metrics. (see the screenshot below.)

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Data Miner, an on-line tool which allows for drilling down into the data base. (see the screenshot below.)

Data Miner graph